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There is no better way to get the best out of your Sunrise system than ensuring you have received the best and most appropriate training. We have several training courses that are aimed at providing you with the right level of skills and knowledge to work with your Sunrise system.

Ensure you have completed your Basic Admin Training before complete further training services.

User Training

These courses are designed as your first insight into the Sunrise product; this can include first look at services, and how to collect data from your system for basic reports.

Service Familiarisation

Learn enough about your Sunrise solution to train your own team in how to access the system, then add, view, and update records in one key service.

Basic Reports Training

Learn how to pull information from the system using only HTML interface, by exporting data from filters and building basic HTML reports.

Beginner Administration

The first step in your administrator journey, these courses are important so that you can maintain your system by managing the minor changes required on a regular basis. These form our prerequisite for asking for help through our Customer Support Desk.

Fields, Associations and Fields

Learn about the basic building blocks of your Sunrise system, as well as how the data is stored and presented in fields and associations, and how to use those fields in filters.

Systems Access

Learn how to manage your system access, including the different access points, how to manage accounts/groups, and how security effective rights work.

Intermediate Administration

Your next step in the administrator journey, with these courses you will learn more skills to help advance your system by enhancing services and processes.

Service Management / Screen Design

An in-depth look at the Administration Portal, focussing on managing services, dynamic searching, pre-set solutions and how to use the screen designer.

Processes / Actions

Dive into processes, learn about how they are configured and how they are granular enough to store differing actions and schedules based on their triggers, plus how to validate data submitted to your system.

Advanced Training

Consultant-led Training

Anything else you may want to learn about can be structured in a way that suits your requirement, either a stand-alone course, or shadow a Sunrise Professional making live changes to your system.

Introduction to Sunrise API

Demonstration of the use of API configuration within the Sunrise system, this knowledge can then be used by the customer to develop their own API integrations with other systems.

Other Training

Bespoke Training

Attendees will gain understanding of some basic administrative tasks to enhance the system, these attendees should be involved with the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the system. This is one of two basic administrative courses.

Pre-Requirements Training

These sessions demonstrate basic Sunrise capabilities based on your project requirement to help you decide what you would like Sunrise to configure through requirements gathering, and what you could configure yourselves following attendance to the respective administrative courses.

The Sunrise Professional Services Catalogue includes the following categories:

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Training Services

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