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Improvement Services

What are Improvement Services?

We want you to get the best out of your Sunrise system. However, it is not often easy to understand how to do this. Our consultants are experts in Sunrise systems and have excellent knowledge and experience of the industry, having worked on hundreds of projects. Therefore, they are ideally placed to lead the discussions regarding your business requirements and ensure the system changes are accurately captured before delivery.

Discover and Define

To help accurately capture your detailed requirements, we have developed our 'Discover and Define' packages which enables us to work with you to determine your exact needs and produce a clear set of functional requirements for your solution. In addition to a comprehensive requirements document, we will provide a fixed-price delivery quotation which will ensure you can control project budget.

Improvements to your services can include a wide range of changes to your Sunrise system, such as:

New workflows and business processes.
New screens.
New functionality.
Add another department's business process into the system.
Integrations with 3rd party systems such as JIRA, MS Teams, Workday etc...


This is perfect when your outcomes are not yet clearly defined, or you wish to have flexibility on the number of requirements sessions you have , or you only pay for consultancy time needed to discuss, define and document the requirements.

Health Check

Review your system with your end users to understand how they use the system, analyses your current configuration and make any immediate improvements. Create recommendations from improvements.

Safe Hands

If you don't have any specific requirements, Safe Hands consultancy days that can be purchases upfront to draw down when required for configurations, training or support activities.


For small scale changes; includes requirements session, documentation and review meetings.


For larger scale change projects when multiple requirements sessions with different stakeholders are required.

The Sunrise Professional Services Catalogue includes the following categories:

Data Services

Improvement Services

Reporting Services


Technical Services

Training Services

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